pečovatelka do Holandska s angličtinou, 80000 Kč/měsíc

Hledáme anglicky hovořící zkušenou pečovatelku k paní Lindy, 41 let, na vozíčku, vdaná, syn 7 let.

Lindy píše:

Dear caregiver, My name is Lindy, I’m 41 years old and I live in Strijen. It is about 32 km from Rotterdam .I live in in House with husband child who is 7 years old. I' m paralyzed from the waist down. This is also reduced my hand’s function (both hands). My both hands are 20% working and my both legs are paralyzed. I’m bond to my wheelchair. My daily activities are depending on my caregiver. I need your support in personal assistant, personal care, and personal guidance and support in household care because we have housekeeper. You need have experience with client Who depending on wheal chare, transfer from bed to douche chair, transfer douche chair to clean table and from clean table to the wheel chair. You need to have experience with stoma catheter. We are looking for someone with a sweet soft personality (not dominant) and in possession of a driver's license and can active drive. You need to be patient, not dominant, kind, friendly, calm and flexible. You need also be strong, ready to help me out with all my need. Body care Sight Oral hygiene/dental prosthesis upper body buttock/legs Intimate hygiene Comb/wash hair Shave manicure pedicure. The caregiver has her own house with her own kitchen and you would receive €50 each week for your own groceries (own food). You will cook for yourself. You must speak English because I don't speak German. In the weekends I need help with my seven-year-old daughter and the dogs. I need someone who can stay for a month and then be free for a month. The dogs are hyper allergenic, but it is important that the person is not allergic to cats. During the week.
  • Start at 7:30 am ready at 10:00 am.
  • Then at 12:00 a catheterization takes 5 minutes. I usually eat two kiwis.
Then at 5 pm start cooking usually between 6 pm & 6.30 pm finished clearing. Then off again until usually 9.30pm 9pm when I go back to bed. The time it takes to get me into bed is about half an hour. It sometimes happens that I go to bed even earlier and sometimes a bit later. In the weekends it depends on the plans but usually we start a little later. Sometimes take some trips. When my husband is not at home I sometimes need help feeding the animals. Looking forwards to hear of you.


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80000 Kč/měs.

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